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Why Use a Financial Advisor

What Can A Good Financial Advisor Help With?

  • Investment and Asset Management
  • Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Reserve Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Help With Insurance Planning
  • Help With Tax Planning
  • Help With Estate Planning
  • And Much More…. See Handout

What Value Does an Advisor Add?

  • Vanguard believes that an advisor adds 3%/year return net of fees to an average investor’s performance  Value over 20 years
  • Watches the markets and your accounts on your behalf
  • Gives pertinent financial updates when appropriate
  • Personal CFO
  • Aside from annual to quarterly reviews, I’m always available to answer questions and meet with my clients
  • Stays on top of all current investment products and trends
  • Gives financial education on pertinent topics
  • Offers financial tools (online and offline)
  • I specifically offer E*Money for free to my clients (this is unheard of)
  • Administrative assistance from my assistant and I to reduce administrative burdens/logistics as much as possible
  • Placing trades
  • Getting your money
  • Transferring your money
  • Retrieving statements and other important documents
  • Cares more about your money and financial future more than anyone who doesn’t share your last name

What Does It Cost to Work with an Advisor?

  • A fee for service (for a financial plan)
  • A commission to manage your accounts (10% of my business)
  • A fee to manage your accounts (90% of my business)
  • Most advisors charge between 1-3%/year on the assets under management (my total cost is 1-1.55%/year depending on account size)

The annual fee is paid out of the account automatically, no need to write a check.

Why Work with Nick?

  • Is a Certified Financial Planner Professional
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and financial authorities, the CFP is the most significant credential.  It is one of the most important requirements to look for when choosing a financial planner.
  • Is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary
  • I have pledged to act in my client’s best interest at all times.  My philosophy is to make recommendations for my clients by putting myself in their shoes and recommend what I would do if I were them, knowing what I know. 
  • Has had several mentors and has learned from other experienced financial advisors to accelerate my experience and learning curve
  • I learned from other advisor’s successes and mistakes to make sure I can avoid as many mistakes as possible with my clients. 
  • Has worked in the insurance side of the business and the wire-house side of the business
  • I have experience on both sides of the industry and can help my clients with objective advice pertaining to their situation because I know “the secret sauce” in which both houses use to help their clients
  • Is an independent financial planner
  • I don’t work for a big company who demands I use their investment products and tools.  All of my recommendations are for my client’s best interest not my company’s. 
  • Has over 11 years experience as a financial planner and successfully managed his client’s accounts and emotions through a major recession
  • Is not on the tail end of his career and will be helping his clients for 25+ more years. 
  • I will be held accountable for all of my investment recommendations and will see my clients through their financial journey.